HSE Policy

Petu Property Group’s  commitment to Health, Safety  and Environmental (HSE) performance is an integral part of our business.

Our HSE objectives are to:
» Eliminate incidents.
» Being at all times prepared to respond to emergencies.
» Evaluate our services and educate our employees, consultants,  sub-consultants and construction contractors on safe HSE practices.
» Help our employees, consultants, sub-consultants and construction contractors understand how their actions influence HSE performance.
» Continuously improve our HSE performance through effective management systems.
» Recognise outstanding HSE performance.

To achieve this, we will: -
» Fully assess the occupational health and safety hazards both in design and construction supervision and put in place appropriate objectives, targets and management programmes to mitigate their respective risks.
» Provide, operate and maintain safe plan and systems of work, building, and services and ensure they present no risk to health of persons in our office premises, on construction sites and the immediate neighbourhood.
» Provide safe methods for handling critical and common tasks associated with the identified significant risks.
» Ensure that adequate provisions are made for fire prevention and control in the office and on construction site and prepare plans to limit the adverse consequences of any breakdown in preventive measures.
» Ensure that adequate provisions are made for identified emergency situations and that appropriate response mechanisms are in place, practiced and tested.