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Evergreen City - Konza
Welcome to Evergreen City - Konza

Inspired by the magnificent rolling landscapes of the Kapiti Plains, and the upcoming Konza Techno City – Africa’s Silicon Savannah, Evergreen City- Konza embraces both the natural environment and the modern digital world to provide a perfect and appropriate suburb to Konza Techno City.


Welcome to Evergreen City – Konza. It is Metropolitan, Green and Digital.


To be set in an exclusive 75 acre multi-use gated community, Evergreen City-Konza is situated only 9km from the proposed Konza Techno City, and 6 km from Konza Railway Station..



The amenities to be provided include:

• Electrical boundary fence with walkway, cycle path and dedicated security patrol road.

• Gate House incorporating security and administration offices.